About this book

About This book
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Wolf Hunt 3 by Jeff Strand
100 signed and numbered hardcover edition!
Signed by the author!


Though still mourning his recent loss, George Orton is surprisingly content. He’s living in a secure compound where teenager werewolf Ally is being trained to control her animalistic tendencies, and mad science experiment Eugene has regained most of his sanity. George knows they can’t stay there forever, but for now, things are pretty good.

Then he receives some shocking news: people at the compound have brought his partner and best friend Lou back to life. Not as a flesh-eating zombie; he’s the old Lou, as much of a wiseass as before.

But this comes with a great big string attached: George and Lou must take a cross-country road trip to kill Asher Anderson, a cloak-wearing lycanthrope who would love to see a war between humans and werewolves.

Does everything go wrong? Of course it does. This is George and Lou.

But they won’t travel alone. Because Lou isn’t the only one who was brought back to life…


In stock and shipping!
Wolf Hunt 3 by Jeff Strand
100 signed and numbered hardcover edition signed by the author!
Full color wrap around cover by Frank Walls!
Special colored end sheets!
Designed by Cyrus Wraith Walker.
Dark Regions Press in conjunction with Weird House Press



Wolf Hunt is a page turner of the best sort, thoughtfully written and peopled with engaging characters.”
Considering Stories

“If you’re familiar with Strand’s books, you know what the deal is. If you’re new, get ready for some intense lycanthrope action, hillbilly psychos, deformed killer babies, and seriously demented humor.”
Black Guys Do Read

“A fun and entertaining read. Fans of werewolves won’t go wrong in adding it to their collection.”
Scary Funny

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