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Tales of Horror From The Ocean State

Come. Take our hands. The twilight is dimming, but the moon is bright enough to see by, and it’s the perfect night to go for a walk. We’ll Stroll through a cemetery in Exter to where police officers are dispatched every Halloween and where a one-hundred-fifty-year-old vampire girl is said to still roam. We’ll wander the wharves in Jamestown, but mind your footing; the sea is home to all manner of creatures just waiting to break the surface after a thousand-year sleep. And keep an eye on the Romanesque Revival windows of the mansions along Newport’s Cliff Walk; you might catch a glimpse of a silhouette with no early reason for being there. In Providence, we’ll stalk the shadowy streets along with the ghosts of transcendentalist poets and jilted lovers, but don’t be surprised to discover that the monsters of Lovecraft’s fiction are not, in fact, the product of his imagination. The capital city has secrets and those secrets have tentacles. And teeth.

Welcome to Rhode Island, home of the weird, the hometown horror, the haunted, the hunted. Home of the Gothic and of horror with history. We promise there’s something here for everyone, whether visiting or already one with the region’s countless legends. Rode Island is the smallest state but the biggest house of horrors…

And the door is open.


Stories included in We Are Providence:

Introduction: The Roots of Horror in Rhode Island by Faye Ringel
The Scariest Story by Joshua Rex
Blood in the Sand by John Lynch
Testing a Horrible Superstition by Christa Carmen
Who Lives in the Shunned House? by Mary Robles
A Providence Thing by Jason Parent
The Hidden Heart by Victoria Dalpe
Spectacle Cove by L. E. Daniels
Long Live the River by Mary Robles
Alex’s Tree by Michael Squid
Soul Parasite by Paul Magnan
Close Behind by Barry Dejasu
A Possession by H. Y. Hsu
Ghosts of Waterfire by Mary Robles
Mary’s Mama’s Heart by Faye Ringel
Ghost Catch by K. H. Vaughan
Rhyme of Tides by Mary Robles
Poe’s Black Feathers by Mary Robles
Unsuccessful Coping Mechanism for Grieving Lost Lovers by Curtis M. Lawson
Wanted Dead or Alive 2025 by Steven E. Belanger
The Salt Man of South Kingstown by Aron Beauregard



What could be more natural than a collection of horror stories from the Rhode Island authors?
Edited by Christa Carmen and L. E. Daniels
Trade Paperback in stock and shipping!
Cover art by Mr. Michael Squid

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