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The signed trade paperback edition is in stock and shipping!

A Tapestry of Strange and Ghostly Tales

England is steeped in mist and ghosts, a place of mysterious beauty where the past never sleeps. Venture back in time and join the unsuspecting inhabitants as their lives collide with the otherworldly and the menacing. Prepare to encounter the unsettling figure that moves among the rainy hedgerows, and the ghastly occupants of a gnarled spring orchard. The inexplicable lurks in the tunnels beneath an old manor house, and something deadly prowls through the gaslight and coal smoke of a London night. In the thirty stories within The Vale of the White Horse: And Other Strange British Tales Scott Thomas tours us through bleak moors and weathered stone circles, through cobblestone alleys and into the pagan shadows of an ancient land. So make yourself cozy by the fire with a cup of hot tea, for the dead bring a chill and the secretive whispers of a moonlit night.

Only 50 signed trade paperback editions from the author, Scott Thomas



Vale of The White Horse and Other Strange British Tales by Scott Thomas
The signed trade paperback edition is in stock and shipping!
Full color wrap around art, and full color frontispiece by Erin Wells!
A collection containing all of Scott Thomas’ British stories!
Only 50 trade paperback copies signed by the author!
Editor: Joe Morey
Page count: 276



“Scott Thomas has never failed me. I have long admired his dark imagination, the rich and eerie imagery, the easy flow of his morbid prose. His horrors are all first-rate.”

Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire, Author of An Imp of Aether

“Thomas’ sensitivity, tempered by darkness, is his strength, and the reader’s delight.”

Jeff VanderMeer, author of the Southern Reach Trilogy

“Reading Scott Thomas is like watching autumn leaves whisper down the street, like feeling a soft rain on your face at dusk on an October day. In his stories, one always feels like it’s Halloween, that time when the lines blur between our world … and another one.”

Mike Davis, podcaster, editor, Lovecraft eZine founder

“Scott Thomas is a master fantasist and one of the best weird writers of our time. His stories are filled with elegant darkness, intense imagination, and beautiful prose.”

Curtis M. Lawson, author of Devil’s Night and The Devoured

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