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The Crow Witch and Other Conjurings by Catherine Cavendish
125 signed and numbered trade paperback editions!
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As the nights draw in and the temperature plummets, beware the witch’s curse. And stay out of the shadows. More lurks within these cursed pages than you could ever imagine…

Two witches, burned for their evil centuries earlier, now hell bent on revenge.

A woman who seems to step out of an old Hollywood movie, and a castle with a murderous past.

A seer whose deadly prediction was hidden away for a future generation.

A mysterious portrait that is far more sinister than mere paint and canvas.

An old woman only the foolish would ridicule, for she knows the secrets of the land and how to harness its power.

All these and more conjurings abound, and you would do well to remember, my dear reader…

When the seeds of revenge are sown, beware the harvest!



The Crow Witch and Other Conjurings by Catherine Cavendish
125 signed and numbered trade paperback editions!
In stock and shipping!
Edited by Joe Morey
Front cover art by Cyrus Wraith Walker



The Crow Witch and Other Conjurings is a feast for fans of dark tales and adult-aimed fairy tales. The prose is engaging, the characters are taken from a large cross section, and the perils they face are well wrought. Not every one of the stories has a happy ending—in fact, few of them do—but whether happy, tragic, or somewhere between the poles on that spectrum, the tales end in a way that feels organic and satisfying.”
Daniel Robichaud, Considering Stories

“Catherine Cavendish may be the greatest British ghost story writer of the 21st century thus far”

“Catherine Cavendish has a gift for the uncanny”
Hedwig’s World of Books

“Cavendish is an expert at creating dark imagery that taps into some of our deepest fears.”
Happy Horror Nerd

“If there is a crown of queen of gothic horror, (Catherine Cavendish) should be wearing it.”
Modern Horrors

“Cavendish breathes new life into familiar horror tropes.”
Publishers’ Weekly

“When you sit down with a Catherine Cavendish story, you are guaranteed three things – a haunting atmosphere, a wild imagination, and fascinating characters.”
She Leads, He Reads

“Cavendish has a wonderful style of writing.”
Steel Rain Book Reviews

“Catherine Cavendish is a prolific writer of horror, frequently with ghostly, supernatural, Gothic and haunted house themes… I know I’ll be back for more.”
Frank Michaels Errington, Cemetery Dance

“Catherine Cavendish delivers the disquiet and the dread – two things I love.”
Cedar Hollow Reviews

“Catherine Cavendish can unfailingly be counted on to scare readers senseless as simultaneously we find ourselves totally engrossed with her realistic characters.”
The Haunted Reading Room

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