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His target was Holmes, and only Holmes – the monster craved to snuff out my friend’s life.

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson embark on a voyage to Africa, to the city of New London on the Gold Coast – a city that is a carefully constructed copy of the London they know so well back in England. Instead of chilly fogs, an oppressive tropical heat holds New London in its clammy grasp, and by night leopard and hyena prowl its elegant boulevards. New London, supposedly a sparkling jewel in the British Empire’s crown, has been awarded an unofficial, but decidedly sinister name by its citizens: Damnation.

“This is a voyage to hell.”

Holmes intends to lecture New London’s police on the latest scientific methods of criminal detection. However, the great detective’s priorities dramatically change when New London’s governor vanishes in mysterious circumstances, threatening to plunge this colonial city into violent anarchy. Worse is to come: the beautiful, and infinitely dangerous warrior priestess, Yemaya, plots to wreak a terrible vengeance on the British settlers that drove her tribe from sacred territory on which New London now stands.

Holmes and Watson are the best of friends and the closest of allies, but those bonds are going to be tested to destruction as Yemaya sows the seeds of the Lucifer Vine, a plant that can inflict madness, shatter once unassailable alliances, and transmute friendship into hatred.

This African adventure, laced with violence, horror and weaponry of a particularly occult nature, sees Holmes and Watson fighting for their sanity, their lives, and to preserve that golden bond of brotherhood that once served them so well in the past.

Now everything has changed. Nobody can be trusted. And no thing can be trusted, especially when, after being accommodated in a facsimile of 221b Baker Street on the African coast, they encounter a grotesque parody of yet another 221b Baker Street, deep in the jungle, with tenants that are equally grotesque yet exceedingly familiar.

Bullman’s mad eyes locked onto mine. His eyes blazed with murderous fire. He reached down, placed a massive hand on my forehead and pushed my head with such force it began to sink back through the Lucifer Vine, and deep into the earth, until the plant’s roots wormed their way into my ears, then into my nostrils and mouth.



“… Horror fiction as it should be written – shocking but fascinating.”


“… This guy is something special. It’s time to find out what you’ve been missing.”


“… The book’s editor, Simon Clark, adds a fun, rather Boy’s Own tale set in Mesopotamia with plenty of action… Conan Doyle was famously quoted as saying “do what you like with him” and while some authors have chosen to write in a similar vein others have made the character their own. An interesting and lively compendium of stories.”

Rachel A Hyde on The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad, edited by Simon Clark

“… Clark has the ability to keep the reader looking over his shoulder to make sure that sudden noise you hear is just the summer night breeze rattling the window.”


“… Inventive and fast moving – good old-fashioned fun.”

Washington Post on The Night of the Triffids

“The pleasure of reading Blood Crazy is immense. I loved it both as a novel and an experience.”

Mark Morris, Shivers


Sherlock Holmes: Lord of Damnation Interior Illustration
Interior illustration


Sherlock Holmes: Lord of Damnation Interior Illustration
Interior Illustration

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