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Coming Summer 2022

My Lady of Plagues and Other Gothic Fairy Tales by Elana Gomel
150 signed and numbered hardcover editions!

A haunting collection of dark fairy tales, “My Lady of Plagues and Other Gothic Fairy Tales” contains stories set in monster-infested woods and in elf-plowed lava fields; in modern-day Jerusalem and in medieval Venice; among deadly flowers and inside the body of a giant. Wildly imaginative and ranging in tone from gruesome to lyrical, these stories include new and surprising takes on traditional fairy tales (“Jack the Giant Killer” and “My Lady of Plagues”); bold feminist revisions of classic Greek myths (“Wings” and “Rattlesnake”); and contemporary political horror (“Death in Jerusalem” and “Alexei’s Godmother”). Award-winning author and academic Elana Gomel brings her unique vision and her knowledge of fairy tales to create a kaleidoscopic collection of old and new stories that take you on a dark journey into magical realms you will never forget.



A Gothic Fairy Tale Collection!
Coming Summer 2022!
My Lady of Plagues and Other Gothic Fairy Tales by Elana Gomel
Edited by Joe Morey
150 signed and numbered hardcover editions!
Front cover and interior art by Nick Greenwood!



““Death in Jerusalem” by Elana Gomel features a woman who falls in love with a man who is one of many incarnations of death. The author creates a unique modern myth. The story is elegantly written and compelling.”
Victoria Silverwolf, Review of “Zion’s Fiction”

“By turns rollicking, chilling, charming, and frightening.”
The Innsmouth Free Press

“Psyche wanders the zones of the world, searching in vain for her husband and daughter, Eros and Hedhoné, as she carries out the tasks set for her by her cruel mother-in-law, Aphrodite, who harasses her each step of the way. One evening as she takes cover from a flock of monstrous pigeons sent to torment her on her journey, she finds herself falling into darkness only to wake later on a beach. A soldier approaches her, and she tells him her story as they walk the shore together. As she soon reveals, the happy marriage between Eros and Psyche, the one blessed by the gods and with which he is so familiar from myth, was not the end of her story.

This tale begins long, long after Zeus forces Aphrodite to stop her cruel persecution of Psyche and allows her and Eros a legitimate marriage. In the telling, Gomel presents a fascinating premise—what if Aphrodite was the only deity left in charge after the other gods had died? It’s a captivating discussion of how the old ways, persecuted and abandoned, give way to the new religion under the brutal rule of a single petty and jealous deity. I really enjoyed this one.”
Tara Grimvarn, Review of Retelling of the Inland Sea

“Written with an impressive focus, this is nicely atmospheric fantasy with an unusual focus. The story is by turns hallucinatory, horrific and magical. The plot turns over neatly and briskly and the imagined world of the novel stays with you when you’re done.”
Adam Roberts, author of Salt, winner of the BSFA Best Novel award, multiple Clark award nominee

“Gomel’s writing is endlessly fascinating and imaginative; phantasmagoric; engaging, and yet, absolutely horrifying simultaneously. Her narratives transport the reader into realms beyond the veil of dreams, and one gets that sense that she is somehow channeling these visions — magically weaving these tales out of ethereal webs in fevered trances. Her sublime writing style is delightful — I cannot say enough good things about it!”
Michael Picco, Author

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