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Letters From Hades by Jeffrey Thomas
Also includes the novella, Beautiful Hell!
100 signed and numbered trade paperback edition
Wrap around cover art by Frank Walls!


In the novel Letters From Hades, a man awakens from death to a second existence in Hell, where he is schooled in the ways of the damned. Once educated, he is released to wander Hell on his own, journeying from one monstrous city to the next, dodging demon patrols and avenging angels who hunt the damned for sport. Along the way to the city of Oblivion, he finds that a band of rebellious damned have left a tortured, beautiful demon to suffer. He rescues her, and in doing so sets in motion a series of events that could lead to the final battle between Heaven and Hell, angel and demon, demon and damned.

In the novella Beautiful Hell, a writer named Frank Lyre finds himself damned to an afterlife where demons and angels are equally sadistic and conflicted, where torturers become seducers, where Jesus likes to sit for a pleasant chat, and where God is not only going through monstrous changes to His body, but a personal crisis that might forever change His vision of creation. Beautiful Hell is a sequel of sorts to Letters From Hades, but stands on its own as a harrowing study of damnation and regeneration, physical passion and emotional pain, faith and rebellion, and the conflict between the spirit and the flesh.


Letters From Hades by Jeffrey Thomas
Also includes the novella, Beautiful Hell!
100 signed and numbered trade paperback edition
Wrap around cover art by Frank Walls!



“Jeffrey Thomas’ visions of Hell in Letters From Hades are as compelling and as beautifully horrific as any ever put down on paper.”
Jeff VanderMeer, author of Annihilation

“Jeffrey Thomas’ imagination is as twisted as it is relentless. Every page of Letters From Hades presents new and original horrors. If there is such a place as hell, the demons have a suite reserved in Jeffrey Thomas’ name for writing this delightfully blasphemous novel.”
F. Paul Wilson, author of The Keep

Letters from Hades is not only thrilling entertainment, it’s also a brave and subversive book. Thomas manages to entwine a touching love story within a gruesome and graphic depiction of Hell – a sort of metaphysical Romeo and Juliet – all the while tackling theological issues head-on. Read it with an open mind. And be good.”
Tim Lebbon, author of The Silence

“Jeffrey Thomas offers us a unique vision of hell that’s as beautiful as it is savage, as hauntingly poetic as it is heinous. Thomas’ Letters From Hades mines a different corner of perdition to strike a rich vein of soul and profundity. I’m a hardcore fan.”
Tom Piccirilli, author of The Cold Spot

“I can’t rave enough about Jeffrey Thomas’ Letters From Hades. This is a stupendous read from beginning to end, an honorable man in Hell even Dante would find compelling. Now get off your damned asses and buy this book!”
Charlee Jacob, author of Haunter

Letters From Hades’ nightmarish vision of a fundamentalist afterlife is worthy of Michael Shea’s Nift the Lean and Bosch’s landscapes. Thoroughly rendered in precise and poetic language, Jeffrey Thomas’ rich and textured underworld provides a powerful medium for the story’s characters as they overcome torments and despair to grow and surprise the reader. This tour de force is mesmerizing in its revelation of pain and compassion, punishment and the possibility of redemption. Jeffrey Thomas’ odyssey through hell is an imaginative and compelling journey every reader should take.”
Gerard Houarner, author of Road to Hell

“This book is my definition of dark fantasy. It pulls you into a very imaginative version of Hell that is as breathtaking as it is horrid. You really get an idea of what it would be like to live in hell, or at least Thomas’ vision of hell, and every hidden corner of the underworld has something unique and creative that will linger in your mind for days.”
Carlton Mellick III, author of The Haunted Vagina



“Wildly imagined.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Beautiful Hell.”

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