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Improbable Remains: The Bizarre and Unconventional Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by J. R. Campbell.
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Beyond the Baker Street Lodgings, the world continues in humdrum routine, day after day, barely aware of the foul crimes, the corruption and the inexplicable all around them. Sherlock Holmes observes everything, directing his formidable abilities only to crimes outside the common. Unconventional sins, bizarre truths hidden in the world, they call to the great detective. A siren song drawing him irresistibly to adventure. Armed only with a stalwart friend and his own logic, the great detective confronts the horrors of the Victorian world and beyond. Monsters of the shadow realms, murderers in darkened allies, Sherlock Holmes doggedly pursues the unforgivable wherever the evidence leads. Through the sordid streets of London, across nightmares of magic and superstition, beyond the limits of scientific knowledge, there is no place the detective will not pursue the wicked, all the time knowing: When you eliminate the impossible, the truth, no matter how improbable, remains.



Improbable Remains: The Bizarre and Unconventional Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by J. R. Campbell.
A Sherlock Holmes collection!
In stock and shipping!
100 signed and numbered hardcover editions.
Signed by both the author and artist!
Front cover dust jacket art by Nick Greenwood
Editor: Joe Morey
Page count: 302



“Will leave you wanting more of the detective who just won’t die.”
National Post

“Fans of fantastic fiction should be happy to see the famous detective stepping into their world.”

“A truly interesting collection of stories that really do harken back to the original Sherlock Holmes mysteries with a bit of the paranormal thrown into the mix.”

“A good addition to any library.”
Library Journal

“Campbell’s story is an excellent, well balanced mix between a typical Holmesian case and an effective horror story.”
SF Site (Mario Guslabdi)

“This is a tale that sticks with you.”
Amy Sturgis (Goodreads)

“J.R. Campbell contributes a compelling, truly horrific story.”
SF Site (Mario Guslabdi)

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