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Eldritch Creations 2023: The Lovecraftian Art of K. L. Turner
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From the mind of H. P. Lovecraft and the demented quill of celebrated artist K. L. Turner comes Eldritch
Creations, a 13-month calendar of Lovecraftian horror rendered in eye-popping detail that is sure to
ensnare the eye and test your sanity. Each month brings a new abysmal scene and the birthdays of your
favorite fantasy, sci-fi, and horror authors, with plenty of space to pencil in your next gathering to
celebrate Shub-Niggurath, because everyone knows that the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand
Young does not send text reminders.



““K. L. Turner (is) a conceptual artist of surreal skill.”

“His unique painting style and amazing sculpture work have certainly earned him a place at the Temple.”

“I have been a fan and collector of K.L. Turner's work for many years and he still continues to surprise
and inspire me with each new masterpiece.”
-V. Johnson, author

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