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Dead Sea by Tim Curran
A 486 page Lovecraftian novel from the master of extreme horror!



Journey into a place unknown to humanity. A space between spaces where sea monsters, ghost ships, and the undead dwell!

From the author of Alien Horrors, and Hive comes Dead Sea a nightmarish Lovecraftian Journey. When the Mara Corday, an aged freighter, enters the Graveyard of the Atlantic, nightmares become real. The crew finds themselves trapped in a realm where time doesn’t exist and unimaginable horrors dwell. Lost in a becalmed sea, in a netherworld where evil manifests itself in hideous forms, the survivors of the Mara Corday have an eternity to find a way out – if they aren’t killed first by the creatures stalking them.

“They expected torment and death. They expected thirst and drowning. They expected starvation. They expected suffering in all its guises and, yes, they expected things to come at them out of the mist, the sort of things that had crawled alive and breathing from nightmares and cellars and dank dark places. And on this matter they were right.”
Dead Sea



Dead Sea by Tim Curran

A 486 page Lovecraftian novel from the master of extreme horror!
Wrap around cover art by Cyrus Wraith Walker
Editor: Joe Morey



“Dead Sea is an epic horror novel, and delightfully claustrophobic and reminiscent of Lovecraftian lore, a lengthy voyage into a genuinely chilly, fog-drenched horror novel that all fans should experience.”
Paperback Stash

“While reading Curran’s deadly sojourn into this alien body of water, I was reminded of Hammer Films’ The Lost Continent, which was derived from Dennis Wheatley’s Uncharted Seas. An avowed William Hope Hodgson fan to boot, Curran loves the sea so much he apparently wants to frighten the rest of us away!”
From Zombos’ Closet

“Open water horror usually does nothing for me, but, “Dead Sea” by Tim Curran is pure Lovecraftian Cosmic nightmare fuel!”
From Reddit

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