Cyrus Wraith Walker

Cyrus Wraith Walker has been a production designer for the publishing industry for over 12 years. He holds a Master’s Degree in writing from Portland State University’s English and Master’s in Publishing program.Since then he has provided the small press, independent author, and other cover artists with their book production needs including but not limited to cover art, cover design, typography, interior print typesetting, layout and design, and custom eBook coding, photo realistic art assets and matte painted cover art. Since then he has designed over 800 books and worked with clients such Gene Mollica Studio, Llc., in New York, Dark Regions Press, Dark Discoveries Magazine (Pre-Journalstone), Forest Avenue Press, University of Hell Press, N.W. Metalworx, multiple indie and well known authors, and currently Weird House Press.

Cyrus Lives in Portland Oregon, where he enjoys hobbies such as  robotics and artificial intelligence, and gaming.